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Home entertaining dinner party
(All cook along dishes come with easy to follow cooking instructions)

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Home-baked rosemary & garlic studded Camembert  
sourdough crostinis & port & cranberry chutney
(Oven Ready, 250g) Servings of 2

Classic King Prawn Cocktail
Apple, cucumber & avocado salad, Marie rose sauce

Citrus Cured Salmon Gravlax 
Avocado salad

Twice-baked double Gloucester cheese soufflé
Glazed parmesan cream


Bbq Ready Cornish Sea-Bream Wrapped in banana leaves
Chargrilled Mediterranean vegetables, sweet chilli lime & basil dressing
(Oven Ready) Serves 2

Salmon Cornish Crab & spinach en croute
Minted Jersy royal potatoes, purple sprouting broccoli, lemon & basil sauce
Single serving 1 or servings of 2

Fillet of beef wellington
Seasonal vegetables, dauphinoise potatoes, port jus,
Servings of 2

Home ready made meals

(Freshly made on the day, no additives, Suitable for home freezing)

Angel fish & spinach pie topped with cheddar mash
(Salmon, Cod, Hake, white wine sauce)
Servings of 2 or 4

Free-range chicken & spring pie 
with buttery crispy filo pastry topping
Servings of 2 or 4

Oxfordshire Lamb Hot pot
Diced Shoulder of Lamb winter vegetables topped with crispy sliced potato
Servings of 2 or 4

Classic British Beef Stew & Dumplings
Slow cooked chuck steak, Root vegetables, XT Beer 
Servings of 2 or 4

Italian Style ground beef meatballs
Cooked in homemade tomato & basil sauce topped with buffalo mozzarella 
Servings of 2 or 4

Mexican shredded brisket chilli beef
(goes great with rice or tacos)
Servings of 2

Roast vegetable Tagine (contains nuts) (V)
Lemon & herb cous cous, home made flat breads
Servings of 2 or 4

Chargrilled Mediterranean vegetable & feta lasagne (V)
Slow roast vine tomato & basil sauce
Servings of 2 or 4

The Angel patisserie

Blackberry & Bramley apple crumble
Servings of 2

Classic Austrian Apple Strudel
Servings of 4 or 6

Black Forest Cheesecake
Kirsch Cherries
Servings of 4-6 or
Servings of 6-10

Berries cream filled Pavlova
Kirsch Cherries
Servings of 4-6 or
Servings of 6-10

Swiss Chocolate Coverture Tart
Orange, Hazelnut, biscuit base
Servings of 4-6 or
Servings of 6-10

Glazed Sicilian Lemon Tart
also available Gluten Free
Servings of 4-6 or
Servings of 6-8

Salted caramel & ginger cheesecake
topped with toffee popcorn
Servings of 4-6 or
Servings of 6-8

Bakewell tart
Servings of 4-6 or
Servings of 6-8

Whole treacle tart
Servings of 4-6 or
Servings of 6-8

Little Treat – 200g
Bags home made Fudge

Baked fresh on the day home-made sourdough loaves

Small loaf

Large loaf